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Are the Dish tablets septic safe?

Yes, Koh Dish Tablets are septic safe.

Is the Dish Foam Liquid pouch recyclable?

Yes, the Dish Foam Liquid pouch is 100% kerbside recyclable ...

Does Dish Foam Liquid kill bacteria?

We make no anti-bacterial claims for Koh Dish Foam Liquid.

Where is Dish Foam Liquid made?

NSW, Australia.

Can I use Dish Foam Liquid around grey water / bio-cycle / septic tank environments?

Koh Dish Foam Liquid does not contain chemicals known to be harmful ...

What are the Ingredients of Dish Foam Liquid?

CONTAINS: <5% Sodium lauryl sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, ...

Does Dish Foam Liquid have any fumes or fragrances?

No, we believe food and drinks taste better without fragrances 😉.

How do you wash Dish Sponges?

Wash in the washing machine on a normal cycle.

How do you dispose of Dish Sponges?

Koh Dish Sponges are made from FSC wood pulp cellulose, so ...