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How to use: Dish SpongesUpdated a year ago

Dish Sponges are a plant based cellulose sponge. They are packaged in a dehydrated format to reduce shipping volume. 

On first use, submerge your sponge into water or hold under a running tap. This will hydrate and expand the sponge to it’s full size. Rinse thoroughly and commence use as a normal sponge. 

Once soiled you can clean your sponge by placing it in a washing machine cycle at cold to moderate temperature. Avoid bleaches and softeners. Allow to dry naturally in direct sunlight where possible. 

Over time the sponge will dry out if unused - to restore simply follow initial first steps as above. 

At end of life, you can dispose of the sponge by cutting it up and placing into a composting system or council green waste bin.

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