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How to use: Foaming Spray BottleUpdated 9 months ago

The Foaming Spray Bottle has been designed to be used exclusively with Koh Universal Dish Liquid. Use with other detergent products will void the warranty and will not be supported by Koh.

  1. Remove head by twisting anti-clockwise. (when new, it can be a little stiff to twist, if this is the case we recommend to push down on top of the head whilst simultaneously twisting). 
  2. Fill from Universal Dish Liquid pouch. Ensure you don’t overfill - current models of the Foamer have a fill line which sits about a 1cm below shoulder of the bottle.
  3. Pull the trigger vigorously 2-3 times to build pressure into the head unit. From there you can ½ pull the trigger for a short burst or full trigger for a longer spray or, for continuous spray keep pulling the trigger successively - please note that there the spray will continue for approx 1-2 seconds after your final trigger pull when using the continual spray function 

Note: If your Foamer ceases to function we recommend to remove the head and submerge it in a sink of warm water and continually pull the trigger successively for 12 times or more.

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