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How to use: Mop PadsUpdated 4 months ago

Mop pads perform best when dry and clean. We recommend to replace a mop pad per room or when the pad is visibly soiled and damp. Select green pads for best performance however certain floor types can prove hard to mop with the green pad due to friction. In this instance we recommend using the blue pad. The blue pad is also preferable for polished floor types. 

Ultimately there are no hard rules for the pads - try both and decide which works best for you and your floors.

NEW Dusting Pad

The Dusting Mop Pad has been designed to use with your Koh Spray Mop. 

Unlike the Green & Blue pads though, the Dusting Pad should be used without any spray as it's designed for picking up hair and other loose dust that accumulate on the floor BEFORE you commence mopping in the usual way with your Spray Mop. 

Once you've finished dusting we recommend carefully removing the Dusting Pad from the Spray mop whilst holding it over a bin so that any loose dust is not dropped back onto the floor. 

Once the Dusting Pad is removed from the Spray Mop you can give it a good shake either over a bin or outside in a suitable spot. 

Whilst shaking the pad out of dust will work to an extent, we also recommend machine washing it from time to time to fully remove any residues.

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