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How to use: Spray MopUpdated a year ago

The Spray Mop is designed to work across most domestic hard floor surfaces. It is not designed to be used for professional domestic or commercial cleaning. 

  1. Assemble mop as per instructions on the underside of the lid of the box.
  2. Remove bottle from holster - if the bottle is stiff to remove try a wriggling back and forth motion whilst pulling away from the holster.
  3. Remove bottle top and decant Universal Cleaner solution into the bottle - do not dilute. 
  4. Replace bottle lid and reconnect back into mop holster.
  5. Select mop pad and connect to underside of mop head via velcro
  6. Stand the mop upright to around 45-75 degrees with one hand holding the mop handle.
  7. Pull trigger a couple of times until solution begins to eject via spray nozzle just above the mop plate. 
  8. Use 1-2 trigger pulls of spray per 2sqm of floor space. 
  9. Push in a back and forth motion.
  10. Flooring should be virtually dry as you move to the next segment of the flooring 
  11. Avoid spraying excessive solution. Less is more! :) 
  12. We recommend replacing pads per entire room clean or once the pad has become soiled/wet. Remember pads will perform most effectively when clean/dry

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