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Using our new Loo Cleaning TabletsUpdated 8 months ago

How to get the best out of our Loo Cleaner Tablets

  1. Drop into either loo bowl or cistern tank.
  2. For cistern tanks, allow 10 minutes and then flush 
  3. Wait >10-15 Minutes (longer for heavier soils - overnight is a recommended option).
  4. Just prior to flushing scrub with Koh Loo Blade thoroughly all around the bow and under the rim utilising 
  5. the bowl water for above the line cleaning 
  6. Flush Repeat weekly 

Note: For particularly heavily aged soiled bowls we recommend the use of a Koh Diamond Sponge to assist with removal of surface soiling. 

Simply follow above steps and incorporate the use of the Diamond Sponge in place of the Loo Blade. Please wear appropriate protective gloves!

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