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Update Delivery/Shipping AddressUpdated 8 months ago

We are unable to change shipping address once it hits our warehouse and has been assigned to Aus Post. 📮 They will send your tracking number directly to you when it is active.

What you can do is update your address via your Aus Post account. 
When you receive an email from them with your tracking number, just click one of the options (attached)
Or simply click here to login (if you don't have an account, don't worry, you can create one. Simply set it up with the email address you use to order your items)

We highly recommend that you download the Aus Post app (if you haven't already), it is super handy. It will send you notifications and status updates, so no more missed emails because of your pesky spam filter. 

We have attached some screenshots to help you with this

Aus Post Emails

Aus Post App

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