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Why/how does Koh Universal Laundry Liquid work as a stain pre-treater?Updated 9 months ago

Universal Laundry Liquid is highly concentrated, which means when applied directly to a stain without dilution it's enzymes can get to work to lift the grime effectively without the nasties commonly found in supermarket pre-treaters.

Fabric fibres trap body grime which builds up over time and attracts dirt and odours, scented detergents mask the odours and can’t remove the trapped grime meaning staining continues and odours linger. Universal Laundry Liquid targets, breaks down and lifts the layers of sticky body grime, which is the root cause of odour and discolouration to offer a whole new dimension of clean.

For best results use Universal Laundry Liquid as a pre-treat; apply directly to affected areas, work in with your fingertips, leave for 10 minutes then wash as normal.

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